I believe Microsoft will be able to surpass the masterpiece that is Google Flutter. I want to be able to use C# and deploy to multiple platforms, but that time hasn’t come yet, until then I am very happy with Flutter.

After reviewing the current Microsoft offerings today, I’m very surprised — they’re not even close.

Comparison of the leading multi-platform frameworks

.NET MAUI is the closest thing Microsoft has, but it isn’t even close yet, and is probably a deadend. They have caught up with hot-reloads, but the foundation is wrong.

.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is a cross-platform framework

That sounds great until…

We all know that nanoservices are an architecture smell, and you will be ridiculed for creating a massive monolith — so where is the happy medium?

A child’s artistic interpretation of “cohesion codependence clustering”


Nobody seems to clearly define the ideal size of a microservice. A “bounded context” while still somewhat vague is probably the best answer I have heard, but you need to read the Domain Driven Design book to comprehend what that means.

As an industry researcher working on software architecture I’m here to tackle this question, to escape the tropes, and define a repeatable process. …

yep, you should

I follow Koutanov on Quora, and I just got a notification about his latest fantastic and thought provoking article, You Can Replace Kafka with a Database. His conclusion was ironically the opposite, so I fell for his little trick. I was going to comment at the end of his article with some rebuttals, but I suspected it was going to be too long. So here’s my first medium article in a long time.

Photo by Brian Snelson

I also love the original Top Gear, the irreverent charm, the smell of burning rubber, and the mystery of The Stig. They did things…

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